Sunday Routine With Dr. Sharma

10 questions with math teacher Dr. Nash Sharma about his typical Sunday routine


What time do you wake up?

“On Sundays, 5 a.m.”


What do you usually eat for breakfast?

“We go to our local diner, so bacon, eggs — the whole shebang.”


What do you eat for lunch?

“It depends — if we are home, then something from home, otherwise lunch is not a big deal. Breakfast is a big deal because it’s brunch. Generally we either go out somewhere or are doing something, so lunch is not really a big deal.”


What are some things you have to do every Sunday?

“Every morning I have to take my dog out — that’s why I wake up at five. I meditate every morning, so that’s something I have to do. Everything else is up in the air, from reading the New York Times to watching TV to traveling.”


Who do you spend time with on Sundays?

“My partner and my dog mostly. Other than that my sister and my nieces or friends. The majority of the time it’s me going to my sister’s place because my sister is a phenomenal cook or them coming to my place.”


What do you eat for dinner?

“Dinner can be a big elaborate thing where we order. Our favorite restaurant is this Italian restaurant — it’s called Rosie’s and they make homemade pasta. So generally, if we don’t go there on Friday nights, we go there on Sunday nights. And if we don’t do that, then it’s generally because my sister has made something that we could eat, or we come home and my partner makes phenomenal pizza, so we sometimes have that.”


What do you like about Sundays?

“It helps me get ready for the week. Saturday is my day of just being lazy and Sunday is my day of OK, let’s get back into the groove, so Sunday morning is a slow start. I drink coffee, do my meditation exercises, and talk to people. So it’s kind of like my day zero — let’s go!”


What’s one thing you like to do every night before you go to bed?

“Turn off my phone, turn off everything, and put myself in a dark room, so I can fall asleep. I never take my phone, never take any electronics into my room. It’s a strict no for me, because I know that I will stay up the whole night.”


What time do you go to bed?

“10 p.m. would be a good time — anywhere plus or minus 30 minutes.”