The Polygon: The Student Newspaper of Poly Prep Country Day School

2017-2018 Staff

Esme Graham

Online Managing Editor

Esme Graham '18 is the current Online Managing Editor of the Polygon. She joined the Polygon the spring...

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Liat Weinstein

Online Managing Editor

Liat Weinstein '18 is the Online Managing Editor of the Polygon this year. She joined the Polygon in...

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Sophie Marx

Online News Editor

Sophie Marx ’18 is currently the Online News Editor of the Polygon. She joined the Polygon in the ...

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Lily Ray Darling


Lily Ray Darling ’18 is the co-Editor in chief of The Polygon. She began writing for The Polygon her sophomore year and she b...

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Maddie Winter


Maddie Winter '18 is the current co-Editor in chief of The Polygon. She started writing for the Poly...

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Emily Weinstein

Online Sports Editor

Emily Weinstein ‘20 is the current Online Sports Editor of The Polygon. She began writing for The Poly...

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Billie Koffman

Managing Editor

Billie Koffman '19 is a junior and the Managing Editor of the Polygon. She has been a part of the Polygon...

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Lauren Clifford

Layout Editor

Lauren Clifford is currently the Layout Editor of the Polygon. She spent her freshman and sophomore year...

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Alex Aboutaam

Photography Editor

Alex Aboutaam '20 is the Co-Photography Editor of the Polygon. This is his first year being a part of...

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Adriana Kulusic-Ho

News Editor

Adriana Kulusic-Ho '18 is the current News Editor of the Polygon. She has been writing for the Polygon...

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Evangeline Bilger

News Editor

Evangeline Bilger'19 is a junior in high school and a news editor at the Polygon. She has been at Poly...

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Elena Diaz

Opinions Editor

Elena Diaz '19 is the current Opinions Editor of The Polygon. She became the Opinions Editor and be...

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Sebastian Marin

Arts Editor

Sebastian Marin '18 is the current Arts Editor of The Polygon. He started writing for the newspaper in fre...

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Wickham Bermingham

People Editor

Wickham Bermingham '19 dutifully serves as People Editor for The Polygon. He joined the Polygon team in his Freshm...

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Gabriel Cannavo

Sports Editor

Gabriel Cannavo ‘19 is the current Sports editor of the Polygon. He started to write for the Polygo...

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Jamila Blair

Copy Editor

Jamila Blair 18' joined The Polygon as a writer in her sophomore year, then in junior year she became...

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Sylvia Staal Riordan

Features Editor

Sylvia Staal Riordan ‘19 is the Features Editor for The Polygon. For the two years previous to beco...

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