Wrestling Hits the Mats


Esme Graham

Members of the boys wrestling team practice at the Novogratz Center.

Joe Palermo, Contributing Writer

Coming off its 5th championship in a row, wrestling continues to be one of the most successful sports at Poly Prep. Led by senior captains Victor Marzano and Liam Harvey and coached by Konstantine Avdeev, they are in good hands. The team is in a favorable position to make it to their sixth state championship.

Marzano is an individual, two-time state champion and Mayor’s Cup finalist. Harvey is also a state champion and Mayor’s Cup finalist. These experienced athletes hope to teach their skills to the younger members, even though the majority of the team are veterans themselves.

Marzano said “The goals for us seniors this year is to develop the skills and characters of the younger wrestlers and to set them up for success in the future. This will help Poly wrestling maintain their recent success into the future. Furthermore, us seniors are also trying to get ourselves scholarships to wrestle at the collegiate level.”

The team’s main goal has always been to win. As major competitors within the Tri-State area, it is very likely that they will finish strong.

The program at Poly has become popular over the years among the student body. The newly built Novogratz Center for Athletics provides an updated space for practice, which has contributed to the success of the team.

Despite the separation of wrestlers due to weight classes, the team operates as one whole. During their career on the wrestling team, many of the wrestlers have formed close bonds and friendships with each other.