Ready to Squash the Competition


Liat Weinstein

Senior Captain Andrew Leung at practice.

Gabe Cannavo, Sports Editor

Poly’s Boys’ and Girls’ Squash Teams are taking full advantage of their new squash courts in preparation for a new season. With rackets at the ready, we should look forward to witnessing our power players dominate the courts again. This year’s shotmakers will certainly include Andrew Leung, D.J. Reed, Jeffrey Gorilovsky, and Ned Rossman.

These players are not “fakes” and we should expect plenty of noise these next couple of months as they make a “racket” in the Novogratz Center.

With captains DJ Reed and Andrew Leung, they should overwhelm the competition with smart volleys, perfect drop shots, and plenty of lobs to get their opponents off balance. As it is one of the largest sports programs that Poly has to offer, we have much to expect from this very young team.

Furthermore, they are proud to “boast” their new sports facility in the Novogratz Center where they practice in five state of the art courts.

The girls’ team is led by returning player Kayla Nejat.

The teams’ positive spirits and determined attitudes are sure to benefit them as the season continues.  Poly’s players have every reason to repeat a dominating season.

Last year, the boys took twelve victories while the girls took five. It is impressive how energized this youthful group is and how committed they are to the sport. Among the group, Leung, an integral member of the team, has high hopes and is very excited to begin playing.

He said, “This year is a little different than others after so many seniors have graduated. But I am still very determined to have a successful and prosperous season, especially with the deep team that we have.”

We are sure that both teams will do great this year as they strive to win within, as well as outside, the Ivy League.