Girls’ Varsity Volleyball Sets Up for a Great Season


Keyna Mecias

The Girls Varsity Volleyball team dons pink jerseys as they play in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

As we near the end of the fall the season, the Girls’ Varsity Volleyball team has been racking up points against their competitors. Volleyball has been the reigning champs of the Ivy League for two years straight and strives for yet another win this year.

Before the season started, the team was hard at work in the Poly gym practicing their skills. Within the first week of school, the team packed up and left for Las Vegas, where they represented the East Coast in the Durango Fall Classic, an elite tournament where players from across the country compete.

Coach Ben Diaz believes the girls are ready for any competition. “They’re all great athletes,” he said. “They work really hard, and I think with the team chemistry that we have, we can accomplish anything.”

Under the guidance of Diaz and captains Sophomore Avery Myers and Junior Lauren Kauppila, the team has won games against Dalton, Calhoun, and Fieldston, and at homecoming, the team had a huge win over Riverdale. Their latest victory against Trinity has contributed to their undefeated status.

The team has a wide range of players from grades 8 to 12, who all play on teams outside of Poly as well. Both captains, for example, competed at the Francis Lewis tournament, with Myers named on the all-tournament team and Kauppila winning tournament MVP.

Kauppila commented on team dynamics and said, “We have gotten a lot better throughout the season and have grown closer as a team. We look to have a great finish this year!”

The girls practice every day to improve their skills and chances at winning their season. Senior Ava Gural said, “It’s always going to be really hard to tell the future, but I know everyone on the team has a lot of heart and determination. We work hard to do what we do.”

We wish the girls team luck as they continue into the championship season.