What’s On Your Search History?:

Random Poly students were questioned on their most recent Google searches and last notes written in their Notes App. Here were their responses.

What are the students of Poly interested in? Do we have anything in common with our technology? Poly students spend a lot of time on their phones using social media. I took to the halls of Poly and asked our students some questions about their technology use.

First, I went around asking what are people’s most recent Google search:

First, we had the Wordle crew.

Jasper Whitely ’25: “Wordle”
Emma Kaufman ’25: “Wordle”
Ruby Kessler ’25: “Wordle”
Bella Saul ’22: “Wordle”
Harper Burke ’23: “Wordle”


Then, we had the more random searches:

Cate Lambert ’22: “Can you get struck by lightning when showering in a thunderstorm?”

Cooper Hansen ’23: “The size of UCLA”

Anson Beard ’24: “Anthony Davis stats”

Noah Young ’22: “How old is Hasbulla”

Lami Diallo ’22: “F1 Chicane”

Simone Yoskowitz ’25: “Ruvna”

Luke Gustafson ’23: “L Train Vintage”

Emilie Schilling ’22: “Stomach replacement”

Ryantony Exuma ’22: “Decreasing”


Finally, I asked, what is the most recent note in your Notes app?

Mykah Modeste ’23: “To get new glasses!”

Hannah Crowley ’23: “It’s a list of alkaline foods that Coach James recommended [to] me!”

Toby Smith ’23: “It’s a story of something that happened to me. I was on the bus and the bus slowed down because there wasn’t any room on the street. So this construction worker dude tapped on the bus and looked at me and smiled and waved. I thought, that’s nice, so I wrote it down.”

Selah Ilunga-Reed ’23: “Polygon pitches and articles to do!”

Olivia Umeh ’23: “My favorites going into 2022! My favorite color, movie, food, book, and song.”

And that’s all for this month’s internet survey! Our students have a lot of things in common. Mostly, WORDLE!! But, I managed to find some interesting differences between our people.