Letter to the Editor

Several people have made it known to me that they were upset by the comment that I made in The Polygon article “Follow The Money and See Where It Goes” (April 2022), where I was quoted that the fundraising efforts for the new field did not come from softball families. It was not my intention to single out any part of our community for fundraising. I apologize for this misunderstanding.

To date, Poly Prep has raised $5,736,670 in restricted gifts toward the goal of $7 million for the Athletics Fields Renovation Project. These funds support all aspects of the project, including the soon-to-be completed softball field. Our fundraising effort continues to move forward until private donations fully fund the project. This year especially, under the excellent leadership of Coach Renae Beauchman, Poly’s softball team has earned the highest recognition with their winning record. With everyone’s help, we can give them the athletic facilities that they so richly deserve.


Keith Wiggs
Director of Major Gifts