Fresh Faces: New Middle School Students’ Takes on Poly Prep

Emma Perez, Contributing Writer

Poly Prep accepts hundreds of new students into the Middle School every year. The Polygon interviewed various students from the 2021-22 admissions year on their opinions about Poly Prep, their favorite teachers, and how it compares to their old school. Here are some responses.


Jo-lee McKenzie, Grade 6

It’s been great. I love all the people and my classes. I love the food especially. I love all my teachers, but I would say [my favorites are] either Mr. Gentile, Ms. Pulse, or Ms. Quick.


Madeline Shields, Grade 6

It’s such a slay. It’s very different. It’s so much bigger. It’s like a whole workout walking around the halls. 


Eytan Goldberg, Grade 6  

I feel like Poly has a lot more access to things than my old school did and I really like it. I haven’t been here for that long,but I’d say right now I like Poly more.