Devil’s Advocate

William Ling-Regan and Eleanor Brown


Dear Stumped Santa,


It’s that time of year when the elf is on the shelf and the mensch is on the bench. You want to pick out the perfect gifts for your friends and family, but it’s hard to know what to get them. Well, don’t fret —the Devil’s Advocate has you covered. We’ve put together a master list of the best gifts for the holiday season. 


For the Dare-Devil(’s Advocate): Hot Sauce Kit


Bring some heat to these cold days with a hot sauce kit. Maybe they’re a Hot Ones fanatic, or maybe they just love to cook. Either way, a range of creative hot sauces will be sure to spice up their holidays. 


For the One With a Sweet Tooth: Chocolate


A holiday classic, most neighborhood stores have a wide variety of chocolates. Find one you know that your best friend or grandmother will love, or a crowd-pleaser like caramel or hazelnut that’ll be sure to make your Secret Santa happy.


For the Early Riser: Tea/Coffee


For the person who needs some caffeine to kick off their day, coffee or tea is a great choice. Whether you opt for a sampler with a range of brews or a lifetime supply of oolong, you’re sure to win with one of these beverages.


For the Film Buff: 100 Movies Scratch Off Poster


Winter break is the perfect time to settle down and watch a movie. A scratch off-poster will help your indecisive dad know exactly what to watch, or let your friend keep track of the movies they want to see. 

For the Music Lover: Headphones


Sometimes the New York City streets can get a little too loud. Noise-canceling or not, everyone enjoys putting on their headphones and drowning out their walks, whether it’s with Drake’s Beats, Taylor Swift’s love songs, or some Christmas music.


For the Lazy One: Slippers


Hanging out at home is one of the best parts of winter break, and whoever you give a pair of slippers to will be able to keep their feet warm as they relax into the new year.


For the One Who’s Always Hungry: Popcorn


The holidays are the prime time for good food. You can’t go wrong with classic kettle corn, or a more unusual flavor like jalapeño cheddar, to give your parents or your friends something new to snack on.


For the One Who’s Always Bored: Card Games


Whether it’s Go Fish with your family or a party game with your friends, card games are a great way to have fun and a little competition, or get to know the people you’re playing with better.


For the One Who’s Always Stressed: Massage Gun


For your friend who’s always working out or your parent with a sore hip, a massage gun is the best way to keep them feeling their best. 


For the Artist: Disposable Camera


Remember every moment of the holidays and the new year with a disposable camera. No matter if you’re a photographer or just a sentimental friend, a disposable camera is the perfect way to capture good times.


Now all you have to do is decorate the Christmas tree, roll the dreidel, or light the kinara. Happy Holidays! 



The Devil’s Advocate