Cop or Drop? The MS Sneaker Game


Brianna Sylvain, Middle School Editor

Whether it be for basketball, soccer, or just for style, sneakers are a huge aspect of a lot of middle schoolers’ lives. From brands like Nike to Converse, a pair of sneakers can be a medium through which one can express themselves and display their individuality. In this article, I asked several middle school students what they like about sneakers and I also played a game with them called Cop or Drop. Cop or Drop is a term coined by sneakerheads around 2019. Cop means that you would get the sneakers and add them to your collection, while drop means that you wouldn’t purchase the sneaker even for resale purposes.


Annie Lopez ’27

Why do you love sneakers?

“I love sneakers because they are comfy and add so much to an outfit. And they can be fancy or bring a streetwear aspect to your look. They’re just amazing and extremely versatile.”


Cop or drop, the Nike Panda Dunks?

“Drop, because they are extremely mainstream and it’s become an idea that they represent someone who does not know anything about shoes and they opted for a mainstream pair. I also genuinely don’t like the black-and-white color combination because there are so many more intricate designs and colors. I would prefer a bunch of cool pairs of Bapestas or more vintage Nike Jordans.”


Simon Kardos-Dull ’29

Why do you love sneakers?

“I like how sneakers look and how they feel. I love comfortable sneakers.”


Cop or drop, the Nike blazers?

“Drop, because I do not like the style and they are a little too common like Air Force Ones.”


Cate Goldschmid ’27

Why do you love sneakers? 

“They can be cute, comfortable. You can wear them in so many places you can run, you can wear them around the house, can wear them to school, and anywhere in your daily life. They’re a good way to top off an outfit by adding a new element or enhancing an existing element.”


Cop or drop, the Nike Jordan Blue Chills?

“Cop, because they’re a nice mix between basic and unique. I think they are good sneakers to wear to school because the blue hues in the sneakers go with a lot of other colors and types of clothes which makes them good everyday shoes.”


Lila Dubin ’28

Why do you love sneakers?

“I love sneakers because they add the perfect touch of color to my outfit. They’re comfortable yet they still look cool.”


Cop or Drop, the Converse Chuck 70s?

“Cop, because they are simple enough but still have enough style to make you look productive. I love Converse sneakers because they are comfortable even if they are platform.”


Gabby Pipitone ’28

Why do you love sneakers?

“I love sneakers because they are comfortable and I can wear them in the rain and they won’t be ruined. The coaches will also not yell for wearing sneakers to PE.”


Cop or Drop, the Nike Air Force Ones?

“Drop, they’re overworn and the Jordans are better. The sneakers do go with clothes but they’re better shoes that are easy to style and look much better.”


Tea Sabbagh ’27

Why do you love sneakers?

“I love sneakers because I think they are a fun thing to wear and collect.”


Cop or Drop, the Off-White UNC Air Jordans?

I would definitely cop those shoes because I’ve wanted them for a while and it would be really cool if I was able to have and wear them. I love the vibrance of the colors and I like how the orange and bright blue complement each other.”


Robbie Sabbagh ’30

Why do you love sneakers?

“I think they are cool and they really pop. They make my outfits stand out.”


Cop or Drop, the Red, and Black Patent Leather Jordans?

“Cop, they’re really nice and they were the first Jordans that I ever got. They stand out because they shine.”