Who is the Mascot?: The Mystery Behind the Blue Suit


Nyjáh Harrison, Contributing Writer

On the first day of school, among the chatter and excitement of both new and returning students, many noticed a guest in the crowd: the new Blue Devil Mascot. 

The mascot resembles the new Blue Devil logo that was rolled out in November of last year. This new Upper School mascot, along with the Lower School version resembling the smaller Blue Devil Logo, gives all students a chance to connect with the Poly spirit. However, there’s been a question floating around every student’s head since the Devil’s first appearance: Who is in the suit? 

Jennifer Slomack, the director of engagement and communications, heard from administrators, coaches, and faculty that they wanted a mascot costume, and went on the hunt for the right company that would bring the Blue Devil to life. This company ended up being Mascot Makers, a United Kingdom based corporation in the business since 2001. “It’s exciting to see the real Blue Devil pop off the page and into the school,” she said.

In the past, there have been other Blue Devil mascot suits. Old looks included beards, devil horns, and matching blue iridescent cape and jumpsuit combos. “It was like a head and a cape. It looked nothing like the original Blue Devil design,” Slomack said. 

Bill Mcnally, director of sports information, shared a similar sentiment. “We’ve never had, in my time, a mascot of this quality. It’s always been kind of like a random Blue Devil costume that we would order,” he said. “Nothing comes close to this — this is a whole other animal.”

The new mascot suit goes hand in hand with the quest to revive Poly Spirit that has been becoming more and more relevant recently, with the Spirit Cup competition popping up in various events throughout the year. Slomack described the mission behind the new Devil, saying that “The mascot is something that everyone can get behind and that speaks to everyone at Poly. Whether you play a sport, or you’re on the robotics team, or you’re a singer or a dancer, the Blue Devil is yours.” 

Director of Student Life Jared Winston has been leading the path in rejuvenating school spirit, and he said he wholeheartedly supports the new Devil. “The more that we can visualize what school spirit looks like, I think we’re better off in the long run as far as creating meaningful ties to the institution, the education, and overall the experience that students have here on campus at Poly,” he said.

The Blue Devil can be found cheering at championship games, but it can also be found taking pictures with children at Homecoming. “Sometimes the mascot is requested to make an appearance, and other things that are big Poly events that we know there’s going to be a lot of people there, like Homecoming or when the Lower School did the haunted mansion,” McNally said. He also expresses excitement at future possibilities of Blue Devil sightings. “I hope there will be some surprise appearances here and there,” he said.

Students have been theorizing who might be in the mysterious suit, naming students and teachers alike. Many students have guessed that Winston was the one manning the suit, and then  expressing their shock when both he and the Blue Devil were in the same room together. Junior Chantal Guthrie weighs in, saying, “I don’t think it’s a ‘who’ singular, more like a ‘who’ plural. I don’t think it’s one person, that would make it too easy to figure out.” Others have suggested it was Head of School AudriusBarzdukas, and some have suggested various coaches. When asked to comment on the identity of the person in question, Winston said, “Oh it’s the Blue Devil!” He continued, “Students ask me that question and I always kind of cock my head because, the answer is so obvious. The Blue Devil’s the Blue Devil.” McNally gave a similar statement, saying, “There’s somebody in the suit? I thought it just came to life when the blue light flashes outside [on the tower].”

Curious students should not lose hope just yet, however, since Slomack imparted some important information on the identity, or identities, of the mascots. “It changes,” she said. Winston is a confirmed to be a wearer of the suit at one point, with Slomack saying, “That [suit] arrived at the end of the year and Mr. Winston put the suit on just so we could see how it fit, and he did a little tour around campus and he was fantastic…since then, students have worn it, administrators have worn it, so it’s been a mix of different people,” she said.

Students and faculty alike seem to be very excited about seeing the Devil out and about. Junior Iliana Borges, a member of the Girls’ Varsity Soccer team, described how she felt when the Blue Devil mascot showed up at her championship game, saying, “It honestly felt quite uplifting and motivating. It made it seem official, like a sense of unity and school spirit.” At games like Borges’, even the opposing teams are enamored with the new Devil. “I’ve seen our opponents stop and take pictures with our mascots. They’re like, ‘Ahhh, here they come!’” said McNally. 

Senior Cynthia Sanchez also enjoys the new mascots. “I think they’re cute. I am into the cartoony style. I wouldn’t call it brave or scary looking. I’d just say it’s cute,” she said. Junior Danielle Jason also has positive feelings about the Devil: “I think it’s a good way to get the crowd more involved, especially the younger students or people who may be watching the game because it’s like ‘Oh it’s fun it’s cute.’ It will get you hype, I guess,” said Jason. (Jason is the layout editor of the Polygon.) 

However, not everyone enjoys the addition of the mascots to the Poly community. Sophomore Annakaecia Clarke has mixed feelings about seeing the mascot at games. “It’s a little off-putting,” she said, “It’s just like, there, in your face.” 

Freshman Victoria Eanes agrees with this sentiment, saying, “[The mascot feels] kinda silly. I feel like the other schools won’t take us seriously.” “It’s cute, but we don’t really want cute for a mascot, especially when we have to use it for games. The mascot is supposed to strike fear into the opposing teams,” said Guthrie. 

 There’s still more to come in regards to our blue mascot friends in the near future. “I hope to collaborate with some of the students,” McNally said. “There are backstories and names [for the Blue Devils] coming. Backstories and names are going to be the next thing that comes down the pike.”