Sunday Routine: Mr. Klett


Chelsea Lin, Managing Editor

Upper School Intro to Computer Science and Object-Oriented Programming teacher Dylan Klett kicks off his Sunday morning at 10 a.m. For breakfast, he usually makes himself bacon, eggs, and sausages. Klett notes that he’s a big carnivore and tends to eat a lot of protein. While Klett is more of a tea-drinker than a coffee-drinker, he occasionally makes his girlfriend coffee in the morning. 

A Sunday for Klett is usually very laid-back, as he tries not to make many plans. “I usually will try to see friends and family [on] Fridays and Saturdays [and] leave Sunday for catching up on grading or making sure I have my lessons ready for the next week. Or just relaxing, playing video games, going for a run, doing something for myself, [and] playing with my cat.”

For the past eight years, Klett has attended fight class where he practices martial arts for two to three hours every Sunday afternoon. “Exercise — like running or lifting weights or doing push ups — is great and requires you to kind of focus your body, but it doesn’t really need a lot out of your mind. You’re not doing a lot of thinking while you’re doing pushups,” Klett said. “Fighting requires a lot out of your body, but it also requires a lot out of your mind too. You have to be thinking about what your opponent is doing, what are you doing? Who has a strategic advantage? How do you make use of that advantage? If they have an advantage, how do you get away from it? You have to be thinking while you’re using your body and I love the mix of those two things.”

After fight class, Klett has a delicious tuna sandwich and potato chips for lunch. He also enjoys playing video games on Sundays, as it is a way for him to keep in touch with his lifelong friends. “My favorite game from when I was a kid would probably be Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I was a huge fan of Metroid Prime too,” he said. Now, Klett enjoys playing Overwatch with his friends. 

At around 7 or 8, Klett makes dinner, which typically consists of pasta or salad. “If I make salad, it’s a giant pile of spinach and raspberries and strawberries and blueberries and goat cheese and avocado — just a big messy salad with a lot of fruit and shrimp on it,” he said. Klett usually has dinner with his girlfriend but when his family comes by to visit, they’ll go out to eat. “My dad and I love to go try out new places — we still really like buffalo wings, so we’ll go eat buffalo wings pretty often,” he said.

Klett has a passion for cooking, fostered by his experience in college. “When I was a little kid, probably up through most of high school, I did not care about food. I would be so happy with a big fat burger from Wendy’s and I didn’t care how many calories it was or how greasy it was. I was like, yep, I want a big greasy pile of meat. But when I went to college and I had to live on cafeteria food at the college, I quickly discovered like, oh man, real food is way better than this. And I became much more interested in cooking and eating better food,” Klett shared.

Later in the night, as Klett starts to wind down, he usually reads. “I’m a huge bookworm,” Klett said. “I just finished a book that a friend recommended to me called West with the Night by Beryl Markham, which is a biography of this woman who was the only female pilot in Africa through World War I [and] World War II.” Klett emphasizes that he has always been a reader: “I taught myself to read when I was three and I’ve been a reader my whole life. Love, love, love books.” Klett’s favorite book is Letters to a Young Poet by Rainer Maria Rilke. Though he tries to find time to read whenever he can, Sundays are when Klett devotes the most time to reading. 

Klett notes that he is definitely a night owl and usually stays up on Friday and Saturday. However, following a rejuvenating Sunday, Klett aims to be in bed at 11 p.m., looking forward to the upcoming school week.