Multimedia Arts Exhibition Showcases Art Class Creations


Elizabeth Perry, Photography Editor

On December 8, Poly hosted its annual Winter Arts Festival, beginning at 6:00 p.m. with the Visual Arts Exhibition. For the first time, four student artists were asked to showcase their works and speak about their involvement in Poly’s art department with both their pieces and their experiences as visual art specialized students. Seniors Leo Yihan Wang, specializing in both drawing and painting, and Brianna Kwan, specializing in ceramics, presented their college portfolios to the crowd. Seventh-grade students Anissa Leblanc and Anisah Rahman shared their work as well. 

“We really like the idea of giving voice to the visuals,” said Head of Visual Arts Laura Coppola. 

In addition to the inclusion of student speakers, this year’s exhibition featured for the first time classes including Photography, Art and Design, and Art and Social Change. The event gave peers, faculty, and family members the opportunity to get a closer look at the creative process in Poly’s visual arts department. 

The annual visual arts exhibition took place in both the student center as well as the first-floor hallways and the tower gallery. The exhibition showcases student work of grades 5 through 12, ranging in different skill sets and mediums. 

The student center featured works from digital photography, art and design, and advanced drawing and painting portfolio. The first floor walls were filled with more works of photography, drawing, and printmaking classes. The tower gallery showcased different works including most of the pieces] created in ceramics classes. 

With the new arts center currently underway, the Arts Department will gain an upgraded space for the arts exhibition. “The new arts center is going to have a first-floor art gallery where we will be able to showcase student work. We will have an additional space, and a more professional, museum-level gallery space,” said Coppola.