Small Artist Harriette on the Rise Up


VIA Sophia Chamorro

Lucy Goldberg, Arts Critic

On April 27th 2023, an EP was released. While many people are unaware of this EP, if you let your ears be flooded with the voice of the young singer, Harriette, it’s hard to disregard her clear talent. Listening to her music, one can easily imagine her recording in her small apartment in Brooklyn with clear stories intending to be shared. 

Harriette Hull currently has under 730,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. While she has obtained an audience, it is decently small. At 23, according to a recent Instagram post, she has been developing this album since she was 19 years old. There are eight songs, and all of them convey her alluring personality and don’t shy away from the fun tone of a teenager.

Given Hull grew up in Texas, certain songs that are featured on the album, such as “Goodbye Texas” and “Johnny got it right,” have a country twang. Although there are a couple of songs that stick out to me (“Johnny got it right”, “Lying is Cute”, and “Black and Blue”), every song has a funky or innocent energy to it. The production on Track 4, “Lying is Cute,” is beyond what you would expect from the capabilities of younger and smaller artists. There is a point about halfway through the song where she belts the words with loud guitar and drums backing her up, leading into an almost techno beat that alters the mood of the song; it switches from strong frustration to annoyed yet unphased. The storyline that comes through the production serves as a sophisticated way of giving her audience an experience that they may relate to or ponder on for a while.

We often disregard specific aspects of music because we know an artist is popular, so they must be good at singing or storytelling. There are many instances where people only notice a single part of an artist because that’s what sticks out. However, Hull’s music is extremely multifaceted, with its diverse production, soft yet interesting voice, and humorous lyrics. She puts so much effort into everything she creates, perhaps because smaller artists have to largely impact people to attract them and keep them interested. I see so much potential in Hull and cannot wait for her to continue creating more music that will have us all entrapped in her storylines.



Lying is Cute: 9.5/10

Johnny got it right: 8.5/10

Black and Blue: 8.2/10

bc i love you: 8.6/10

I heart the internet: 8.3/10

Goodbye Texas: 8/10

Fu**ing Married: 7.8/10

Sunday: 7.5/10