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Intro to Winter Sports

There comes a time in every calendar year when winter comes around. It starts to get colder, the trees no longer have their leaves, the quad is empty, the library starts to pile up with students, and your days begin to feel colorless. However, have no fear Blue Devils! After an exciting fall season, Poly is ready to bring in the Winter Sports, who are here to save you and put some color in your day. Poly’s winter sports lineup includes Boys’ and Girls’ Basketball, Indoor Track, Squash, and Hockey. 

Indoor Track

As the fall season comes to a close and winter sports season gains momentum, our attention turns to the highly-regarded and thrilling Poly Prep indoor track and field team. The team is looking to aim higher than their previous season with Coach Daniel Winn noting, “We won some championships, but we think we have the talent to really dominate and compete on a really high level, so we won’t be satisfied equaling the level we were at last year.” In order to achieve these ambitious goals, Winn is leaving no stone unturned in preparing his athletes. Winn notes the two primary factors to a successful team are, “One: not being afraid of failure, and understanding it as an integral part of athletic growth and two: being consistently personally accountable. I’m always trying to make my athletes understand that while physical peak performance is necessary, mental performance is indispensable.” As preseason begins to wrap up, the Indoor Track and Field team has their eyes set on their first meet. We can do nothing but wish them the best of luck and cheer for them from the sidelines. 



The Boys’ and Girls’ Varsity squash teams are ready to hit the court this year! Preseason and tryouts are wrapping up, and the team’s first match is steadily approaching on December 8. The squash team is coming off a decisive and exciting 22-23 season. They are eager to take it all this year and bring glory to the Poly Prep squash program. With the loss of some notable players, Coach Omer Khalifa has brought in some new talent with the incoming class of 2027. He is looking, “to rebuild and develop a strong team. Although it may take some time for the new players to fully integrate and adapt to their roles, with proper coaching and teamwork, the team can still perform well and perhaps even exceed previous achievements.” The new Coach is also looking to instill crucial skills into his players in order to strengthen their chances of winning the Ivy Prep League championship. Khalifa noted, “Squash, like any sport, relies on consistent effort, discipline, and teamwork. I will make sure the players under my command will remain dedicated to their training, maintain a positive attitude, and effectively work together, if they can learn and manage these skills the team will 100 percent be a winning contender.” Poly squash is now feeling motivated and strong coming into the 2023-2024 winter season.  


Boys B-Ball

The Boys’ Varsity basketball team is primed for yet another exciting season, proudly holding the mantle of their three-time NYSAIS state champion title and the Class B Federation State Championship they clinched in the previous season. Head Coach Edgar De La Rosa, who led the team to victory last year alongside Assistant Coach Doug Elwell said, acknowledging new challenges with the departure of key players,“We will be looking to see which players will be able to fill in for those who are no longer on the team.” Both Poly JV and Varsity teams have already been in the gym for workouts before official season practice begins. “The group has been working hard, and we look forward to facing some good teams,” Rosa said. The Varsity team’s first scrimmage against Curtis High School marks a return to organized play, setting the stage for the 2023-2024 season. “If we can stay healthy and get help from some of the returning players, we should be solid,” said Rosa. The team is poised to extend its winning legacy on the basketball court, and ready for a season that promises both challenges and victories.


Girls B-Ball

The Girls’ basketball team is ready to dominate this season, and their prospects are even higher with the return of Head Coach Michael Junsch. After recently retiring from coaching Poly’s Girls’ Basketball, Coach Junsch is “looking forward to coaching again.” He spent the summer enjoying his retirement, but found he could not stay away from coaching as his “enjoyment with coaching” and his love “for this group of girls” overpowered his initial decision to retire. The team lineup includes Gettysburg commit and current senior Brianna Robles, who says she “knows this will be an amazing season. No matter the results, the team has an undeniable bond, and I can already see our success.” Robles’ commitment to the team’s success is a testament to the unity and determination that unites this group of athletes. The players began conditioning before tryouts and are ready to produce another successful season. 



After a year-long hiatus, the hockey team is finally back and ready for another successful season on the ice. The team looks forward to holding their title as the Big Apple Hockey League (BAHL) champions. Due to the unfortunate loss of their star player, the 2023 Will Grifo MVP in the BAHL Ezra Zizmor ’23, many fans fear they have lost a key piece to the puzzle. But have no fear Poly fans, the hockey team has many young prospects who are looking forward to making a name for themselves and keeping this team at the top of the league. One of them, sophomore James Nicolaidis, is “excited for this new season” and believes that they are “still the heavy favorites” to lift the much-desired BAHL title. Nicolaidis has been a part of a team since 8th grade, but he believes that “this is the strongest team he’s ever been a part of” due to the many up-and-coming prospects, and the great experience they have with “a tremendous senior class.” Poly Hockey is determined to satisfy all fans this season by keeping the BAHL title in their hands.


Sergio: Mcnally view

Bill McNally serves as the school’s Sports Information Director, a P.E. teacher, and Poly Prep Basketball Camp Director. For 20 years, McNally served as the Head Coach of Poly’s Varsity Boys’ Basketball team. His teams compiled a record of 353-147, including 13 Ivy Prep League Championships and three NYSAIS Championships. McNally has been working night and day these past few weeks trying to make each sports season better, and is ready to make this winter season the best yet. His favorite part of the season is the beginning, as “everything is still possible.” McNally pointed out how “happy” he is to be fielding a Girl’s Squash Team this year” and is excited for the Poly community to see the “new cool uniforms at the varsity level and new swag” that will be available for purchase. What makes the winter season especially entertaining for him is the combination of “exciting fast-paced team sports as well as some of our best individual student-athletes in action.” In order to make this winter season even more special, McNally is “planning to host a 4th grade basketball game as part of the Oasis Night activities” in order to involve the lower school even more. This event is similar to the lower school soccer game at the halftime of last year’s homecoming football game. But if this is all not enough for you, McNally “has three other on and off-campus events in the works that will be inviting the whole community to come and enjoy.” Thank you to Coach McNally for making this winter season even more special!

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