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Devils Advocate November 2023

Dear Devil’s Advocate,

Now that I’m finally a senior, I’m taking advantage of our off-campus privilege to get lunch or a snack during the day. What are some places I can go to for great food and still make it back in time for class? 


Starving Senior


Dear Starving Senior,

The start of senior year is a stressful time. We’re trying to do as well as possible in all of our classes, running extracurriculars, and applying to college at the same time. The one respite from this constant hustle? Great food. Of course, we all love the Commons classics like chicken and rice or after-school curly fries, but, occasionally, it’s good to explore the other options out there.  That’s not just true for seniors— while younger students can’t go off campus during the day yet, you should definitely take advantage of everything the neighborhood has to offer after school. So to give you a guide, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best food far down on the heights called Dyker.

To begin, there’s the holy trinity of Poly favorites, the places where you’re always sure to run into a classmate and consistently have a delicious meal.


Dyker Park Bagels

Only three blocks away from Poly’s front gate, Dyker Park Bagels has every combination of bagel, spread, and topping you can imagine, as well as coffee, sandwiches, and hundreds of baked goods. We love their bagels with lox and cream cheese or the classic bacon, egg, and cheese, but nothing beats their signature Chicken Ridiculous, a legendary tower of a sandwich that truly lives up to its name. 



Just a few steps away from Dyker Park Bagels lies Poly Prep’s third campus: BurgerFi. During the day, seniors will come in for lunch and a shake, while in the hours between the end of school and an event like Blue Devil’s Night, this fast food joint’s tables and booths overflow with what seems like seventy-five percent of Poly’s student body. There’s a reason this place is so popular. Wherever you fall on the burger vs. chicken sandwich debate, BurgerFi has something for you, and a side of fries to go with it.


Baya Bar

No matter what’s on it—coconut flakes, fruit, granola, honey, or Nutella—an açaí bowl from Baya Bar never disappoints. The base is tropical and refreshing, while the toppings add a punch of flavor and a satisfying crunch. If you’re not an açaí fan, you can settle for a smoothie, fresh-pressed juice, or an oatmeal bowl. But if you really know what you’re doing, you’ll always order the Bella Nutella.

These three places are Poly classics, but if you want to venture beyond and try something new, we’ve gathered a range of spots for you.



On the corner of 3rd Avenue, Paneantico is perhaps the closest you can get to Italy within walking distance from school. They offer an overwhelmingly extensive menu for breakfast and lunch, along with tantalizing cases of Italian pastries and prepared foods. Their paninis are incredible, but we recommend splitting one with a friend, as they’re pretty generous with their portion sizes. Make sure to get it with their balsamic vinegar and finish it off with their fresh lemonade.


Nino’s Pizza

Right down the block, nestled between storefronts, Nino’s offers up a classic New York slice that is exactly what you need to satiate a cheese craving. If you’re rushing back to campus, grab a quick slice, and if you have a little extra time, get their garlic knots as well.


Bridgeview Diner

Across the street from Nino’s is another unmissable spot. Bridgeview is a classic diner, with big green booths to settle in and the same hospitable staff every day. You’ll always be able to snag a table, and within a few minutes, you’ll feel at home among the towers of pancakes and french toast. Their menu is so extensive that it’s almost hard to pick up, so you can be sure that Bridgeview truly has something for everyone.


Dave’s Hot Chicken

You may have seen him online, or perhaps on a trip to the West Coast, but Dave has finally made it to 86th Street. Dave’s Hot Chicken serves some of the crispiest chicken sandwiches out there, along with some necessary crinkle-cut fries. The sandwiches come in seven different spice levels, so your friends of every spice tolerance level can come, but be warned that you have to sign a waiver to try their hottest sandwich: The Reaper.


Kung Fu Tea

No list of food recommendations would be complete without a beverage, and Kung Fu Tea is the place to go for Poly students. This place on 5th avenue provides a wide selection of fruit and milk boba teas in a range of sizes and levels of ice and sweetener. 


We know that a great meal can take your day from hell to heaven. With this list, we hope we’re pointing you in the right direction.



The Devil’s Advocate


Need advice? Write [email protected] a letter explaining your problem and we’ll publish it anonymously with advice from the Devil’s Advocate.

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