Blast From the Past

This photo essay is comparing photos of Poly Prep from the past to the modern-day. The goal of this photo essay is to examine what Poly looked like in past years and to see the ways in which Poly has evolved. All of the photos from years prior came from old yearbooks located in Poly’s archive. By contrasting the photos from different decades in Poly’s history, we can examine how Poly has continued to improve and evolve.   

Modern Day Photos:

VIA the Polyglot
VIA the Polyglot
VIA the Polyglot


Old Photos:


This is the quad in 1972. Back then there weren’t as many trees or flowers. Even though the Blue Devil Deli wasn’t built back then, people still socialized in the area. The same crescent moon sculpture has remained throughout the last 50 years. ( Polyglot (1979))


This is the oval in 1977. Notice all of the old, brightly colored cars. The flag pole, trees and entrance to the school looks very similar to Poly now. (Polyglot (1977))


This photo was taken of the front of Poly in 1922. Back then, they had a long, grown out grass and cars from the 1920’s parked in the oval (shown on the right of the photo). There were also metal fences encompassing the campus rather than the trees that we have now. The building’s facade has remained more-or-less the same throughout the last century. (Polyglot (1922) )