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Business Column: Bloomberg Trip


Disembarking from the school bus, my Advanced Journalism class arrived at a midtown building with a futuristic allure. We entered the lobby, where we provided government-issued IDs, reinforcing the gravity of entering businessman-turned-mayor (and erstwhile presidential candidate) Michael R. Bloomberg’s inner sanctum. As we exited the elevators to the 6th floor, we were met with natural light pouring in from the floor-ceiling glass walls. The office space was adorned with kitchens and snack-laden islands — a gastronomic haven, supplying everything from fro-yo and pizza to sushi. You name it, this office had it. 

Created in 1981, Bloomberg is a financial media company focusing on software, news, and data. The company provides information to finance professionals, business entities, and industries nationwide. We soon met with our tour guide, Bret Begun, a senior editor of Bloomberg’s Businessweek magazine. As Begun led us through the office, he shared how the office is in the shape of a horseshoe, though some might not notice it at first. Mike Bloomberg’s first purchase for the Bloomberg company was an espresso machine from a department store, which he later bought and transformed into the office building we were standing in. Throughout the renovation process, Bloomberg gave the building the appearance of a horseshoe, a symbol of good luck.

After eating lunch and grabbing a few snacks from their selection, we began our tour. Taking a sharp right, we descended the only existing spiral escalator in the world and were greeted by a live news broadcast on the other side of the glass. This scenery had an anchorwoman, numerous cameras, and endless equipment. “It was so perfect. The whole room looked as if it was made of wax. Almost out of a movie,” said junior Lucia Zaremba. Our journey continued past the radio operations room, which broadcasts constant updates and breaking news worldwide. 

As we moved down the hall, Begun showed us a display of keyboards consecutively lined up, a visual representation of the Bloomberg “Terminals.” This in-house service seamlessly delivers data across market sectors and workflows, gathering news, data, analytics, and sources to facilitate swift, informed economic decisions. It champions transparency in financial markets and is embraced by the majority of Bloomberg’s workforce.

Begun said that nearly every story ends up being a business story if a number is involved. Topics are selected based on the week’s events, focusing on providing context and analysis around significant news stories. The magazine navigates diverse terrains, ranging from the housing crisis all the way to banks and tech features. Begun said that they don’t look at themselves as a news digest. Instead they look at themselves as just trying to provide context and analysis around the big news stories of the day. 

Certain topics, such as tech, remain consistent throughout the weeks within the column; however, this can change. Currently, tech is the engine of the American economy, but if asked 30 years ago, it would be Ford. Bloomberg’s focus is always changing in response to current rapid economic changes. People, especially younger generations, are not reading hard-copy news as much as they used to. 

Newspaper Fact Sheet by Pew Research Center reveals a 10 percent decline in hard-copy newspaper readership since 2021, with a continued downward trend. According to Begun, the industry is constantly changing and they’re always looking to put out the best product they can.

To close off the trip, we had the opportunity to meet New York City’s local celebrity, Charlie Pellett, a news anchor for Bloomberg Radio. Have you ever been on the subway and heard, “Stand clear of the closing doors, please”? Well, that is Pellet’s distinctive voice resonating through the underground. This moment definitely added a noteworthy ending to our trip, bringing the city’s soundscape to life in a way none of us saw coming. 

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Reese Roaman
Reese Roaman, Sports Editor
After two years of writing news pieces for the Polygon, Reese has joined the staff as a sports editor for her Junior year. During her Sophomore year, Reese was enrolled in Intro to Journalism, where she discovered a love for writing profiles and investigative journalism. Aside from writing for the Polygon, Reese is the Director of Marketing for Model UN, a working group leader for Women Affinity, a student government representative, blue key ambassador, polyglot contributor, triple season athlete, member of acapella, and an avid water drinker. Outside the Poly campus, Reese enjoys begging her parents for a dachshund and rating food.

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