Quarantine Chronicles with the Editorial Staff

Ben Mansfield

So far, my quarantine has been going pretty slowly. Starting the college search while trapped in your own home has proven to be onerous, as well as trying to find new books to read when all the libraries are closed. Of course, quarantine isn’t all bad, some of the upsides include getting to rewatch some of my favorite TV shows, catch up on movies that I’ve yet to watch, and of course, cuddle with my dogs. I’ve also started to play guitar, which is pretty relaxing, as well as start some side projects that I’ve been putting off doing for months now. While my quarantine is pretty uneventful, at least compared to some others, I feel like I’m being mildly productive. 


Samantha Rodino

At first, I wasn’t being very productive during quarantine. Whenever I wasn’t doing Virtual Poly homework, I was watching Netflix or Youtube. I actually am on Season 4 of this television series called Glee, which is a much better show than I expected it to be. However, recently, I’ve decided to take on a new hobby during this quarantine period: cooking. Cooking is something that is usually done by my dad or my younger brother, so I never really took interest in it. Over the course of these couple of weeks, I have learned to make an omelet, pancakes, grilled cheese, and meatballs. For someone who only knew how to make a bowl of cereal a month ago, this was a huge accomplishment for me. 


Emma Spring

I’ve been trying to make use of the endless time I have during quarantine, so I have been cooking something different for dinner every single night. So far I have made risotto, dumplings, sushi, bibimbap, pizza, and a bunch of other yummy things. To burn off all the food, I’ve been working out and running a lot, and I also have been studying for the SAT, practicing my guitar, listening to loads of music, learning Italian, and going up to my roof to practice hitting softballs (don’t worry, there’s a net). 


Shepherd Dzina

During quarantine, I have tried to be as productive as I can with all the new time that I have, but I have not been that successful. Most weekends I wake up and go for a run and workout in the park. I eat breakfast when I get back and then I either do homework or study for the ACT and the AP tests. I then normally eat lunch and have the rest of the day to do whatever I want. I play video games, mainly Warzone and Fortnite, read books, watch Netflix, and cook. I love to cook and because of the extra free time on the weekends, I can cook dinner for myself and my family at least twice a week. During the school week I have my classes, then workout in the park. After my workout, I come home to eat and relax. Then I do my homework for the next day, go to sleep and repeat the process. My quarantine lifestyle is not as fun or exciting as normal life, but it is very nice to have the extra time in my day to do what I want.  


Emily Ng

Quarantine, as much as it hurts to admit, has been a mental break I didn’t know I desperately needed. I’ve consumed my time devoting myself more to other activities that I normally didn’t reserve much time for. Besides online school and studying for AP exams, I’ve recently been writing more prose and poetry as I strive to polish a writing portfolio, and I’ve picked up new piano pieces that I’ve always wanted to play. In other words, the creative side of me has recently flourished due to the extra time. I’ve also kept myself occupied by becoming an intern for State Assemblywoman Yuh-Line Niou and helping in her current campaign (If you can vote and live in the 65th district, please vote for her in June!!). Although many people find themselves losing track of time and gradually succumbing to insanity, I’m just beginning to explore my passions and interests during this tumultuous period.   


Thalia Glyptis

When quarantine first started, I thought it was going to be at most three weeks long. Because of this I made many short term goals, like cleaning my closet and reorganizing my bookcase. However, as I realized how long quarantine has been and will continue to be, I’ve been working on more long-term goals, like improving on the guitar and finding new genres of music to listen to. I’ve also been learning how to cook and bake more, and I’ve been watching many movies I had never gotten around to watching before. School and college seem now like light years away from me, but I’m still trying to stay involved in searching for colleges and keeping up with my schoolwork. I just hope quarantine ends soon enough so that I can go back to my old schedule.


Hailey Tobman

For me, quarantine was the break I needed after months of non-stop tests, homework and studying. I’ve had the opportunity to do so many things that I hadn’t had the time to before. Although online work has been consuming, I’ve gotten the chance to organize and redecorate my room, talk with old friends and learn how to cook and bake new things. Along with this I’ve also been spending time with my internship led by MIT and the UN which focuses on climate change education. While I do miss my friends, I’m happy to have the opportunity to learn new things and take part in (virtual) programs and activities that I would otherwise not have the chance to participate in.


Honor Seares

My quarantine life has basically consisted of baking, watching television, and doing a whole lot of nothing. I’d say I spend about twenty percent of the day staring at the ceiling and mentally preparing myself to enter the virtual world of school and discussions. On the weekends, I try to spend time outside (social distancing, obviously), but lately, the weather has been this gross, humid, and kind-of-rainy whirlwind of grossness. I’ve done some productive activities though. I have finally narrowed down my list of favorite movies and favorite books, a feat that has taken me nearly sixteen years to conquer. That’s pretty much it.