Launch Into Seventh-Grade

Jumping for Joy: The seventh-grade bonds at trampoline park field trip


Charlotte Arzouian, Deputy Middle School Editor

A ubiquitous silence engulfs the classrooms of the seventh grade and no one can be seen. Instead, the class of ‘28 is plummeting onto a swinging ring from a floating block of cardboard cheese at Launch! Trampoline Park. 

On September 7th, the Middle School engaged in a team-building activity at various locations across the city. Students began with a community gathering inside the Legacy Gym, in which Director of Student Life, Jared Winston, conducted a presentation on appropriate out of school etiquette. After seventh and eighth grade advisories played several games of Newcomb and Omikin, they separated, which marked the seventh grade’s 45 minute ride to the trampoline park.  

So, why such an unconventional field trip? It seems that such a fun destination would be passed over for something more common, like a museum. Winston, a main planner of the field trip, elaborates on his choice in an email to the Polygon saying, “we had intended to begin last year in a similar way, but due to COVID-19 restrictions, we were prohibited from sending students off campus on field trips.” He later added that we are often so caught up in our own responsibilities — homework, quizzes, and tests — that we often find ourselves sacrificing our free time. “Last year posed many obstacles for us to overcome as a community — starting this year with fun activities was meant to celebrate what we worked through together over the course of the last school year,” he wrote.

  The trampoline park was lined with an array of trampolines, obstacle courses, basketball areas, rock climbing, and more amenities. At one point, they even hosted a race on the ninja courses. After bouncing and jumping, the class of ’28 enjoyed pizza and traveled to school in time to catch the early bus home. 

The Polygon spoke to various students who attended the trip, and many considered it a favorite. “I thought it was a cool place to go, especially for a field trip. It didn’t seem school related at all, just a fun place to hang out with your friends,” said 7th grader Harper Blumberg. 

Given the trip was the first in years, Winston explained that he was inclined to the environment of a play-based activity. “We hope to create a culture and tradition of field trips to begin the year – rites of passage that when you go on each trip, you think to yourself, ‘I’ve officially made it to Grade __!’” he explained in an email.

Another reason many students loved the trip was due to its loose structure. Students were provided with special socks with non-slip decals and armbands while being allowed to freely roam around the massive building. 

Winston hopes “the trampoline park field trip taught students not to take the return to school too seriously — that at the end of the day, childhood escapes us pretty quickly. Studying and quizzes and essays can wait — let’s have some fun. There are only so many chances to bounce off the walls with each other.”