Lucy Goldberg, Deputy Arts Editor

Trends originated on TikTok are known to have heavy influence, creating hobbies that then circulate through its users across the globe. But what happens when the app creates a hobby that most parents and English teachers actually wish teens did more?

“BookTok,” a side of TikTok where creators recommend and discuss their favorite books and authors, has created a drastic rise in reading throughout teens. Social media, being known for creating popular trends, has now made reading popular, so much so that Barnes & Noble now has a section dedicated to its virality.

In terms of how Booktok has affected the Poly community, Poly freshman Eliza Rorech thinks that BookTok has diversified what people read. Rorech says, “After indulging in BookTok, I read a lot of books in certain genres that I usually stray away from.”

Another Poly freshman, Chloe Guedes Smith, says that during BookTok’s peak, she saw many people reading the same exact books throughout the halls of Poly. Specifically, she has seen a lot of books by popular author Colleen Hoover floating around.

“The BookTok stand at Barnes & Noble has a big effect on me because I am very impressionable,” explains Guedes-Smith. “So I usually will pick up a book from there and if I read the summary and am slightly interested, I will probably buy it.”

Check out some of these highly noted books on BookTok and see if you get the hype: It Ends With Us and Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover, Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston, and They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera.