Nathan Darmon

After 21 years at Poly, math teacher Robert Falotico retires.

For the past 21 years, Robert Falotico has been a mentor, role model, and inspiration to all those fortunate enough to have been taught by him. In his time at Poly, Falotico taught sophomores, juniors, and seniors in algebra, precalculus, and discrete math. He also served as a junior dean for many years.

Senior Arman Kermanshah said, “In the classroom, Mr. Falotico’s ability to break down abstract mathematical principles into simple concepts made classes engaging and exciting. I attribute all my foundational knowledge of calculus to Mr. Falotico and the passion for math that has developed within me is largely, if not completely, due to his instruction. Furthermore, he is not only passionate to see students succeed in his class, but he also wants his students to see the intrinsic beauty that exists within each problem.”

Over the past two decades, countless students have been fortunate to have been taught by a man who exemplifies all that a teacher can and should be. While his departure will be a loss for the community, there is no doubt that students and faculty alike are all better mathematicians, scholars, and people for having known him.

Junior Rema Hort said, “I feel sad for the future Poly classes who will not have the privilege that is having Mr. Falotico as a teacher. He is a kind and gracious man and will be greatly missed.”

Fellow junior Isabel Schnipper added, “I have been so lucky to have had Mr. Falotico as my teacher for the last two years, and anyone who has ever had him knows how great he is. He takes his time to make sure the whole class understands each topic, and he cares about his students in and out of the classroom. I will miss him so much next year!”

While his work in the classroom has benefited so many students in their understanding of math, it is Falotico’s warm personality, relentless patience, and genuine interest in both the curriculum and his students’ well-being that sets him apart from many others.

Kermanshah said, “outside of the classroom, Mr. Falotico always has a friendly smile. He is easy to talk too and willing to give meaningful advice on any matter… He has been and always will be a great asset to the school. I am sad to say that Mr. Falotico will be leaving the Poly community, but I know that his work here has helped hundreds of students over the many years.”

It has been a privilege to have had a teacher who is constantly devoted to his students’ success and education. Robert Falotico is without a doubt one of the finest teachers that Poly has to offer and Poly will be a different place without his beaming face and positive attitude that have fostered curiosity, growth, and passion for generations of Poly students.